Marvel Wordle Is Super Hard and I Can’t Stop Playing

Not every hero has a five-letter name.

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Marvel Studios

One thing that's certainly happened in 2022 is that it seems like everyone has their own little Wordle routine going. What is Wordle, you ask? Well, it's a word puzzle that kind of came out of the blue, and eventually was purchased by The New York Times for a price "in the low seven figures."

Since the word game's rise, several similar games have been created. My personal morning routine these days includes not only the original Wordle, but also Heardle (where you attempt to guess a song one segment at a time), Framed (guessing a movie based on memorable frames), and WARdle (guessing Major League Baseball players). And now, Marvel fans have one more to add to the list: Marvel Wordle, which you can find right here.

All of these games can be part of a fun and healthy morning routine; giving your brain a little workout is nice, and having a new one of these puzzles to wrap your head around every day can make for a nice dopamine hit. But this one is not easy—I'm a pretty big fan of the Marvel Universe, both in comics and on screen, and even I've found this game to be a challenge. Fun, for sure—but a challenge.

marvel wordle
Marvel Wordle

In the week or so since trying the Marvel Wordle out, answers have included major characters of the MCU like "MORDO" and "BUCKY," filmmakers like "RUSSO," in-universe products like "BUGLE," and a character who I'm not quite sure who's being referred to in "DRAKE." (Maybe Carlton Drake, Riz Ahmed's character in Venom? Or maybe Drake, a common alias for Dracula in the Blade lore? Who's to say?)

Today's is actually a Marvel Comics character who's only been seen in live-action in the Netflix Marvel Universe. If you didn't watch (or rewatch!) Daredevil after seeing Spider-Man: No Way Home, or aren't an avid comics reader, it may even be insurmountable.

Regardless, whether you've seen one movie and read one comic, or seen them all and have giant comic book stacks in your living room, the Marvel Wordle is a fun knowledge test for anyone who spends any amount of time thinking about these superheroes. Give it a shot—it may just wind up cracking your coveted Wordle routine.

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