Take a Look Inside The July/August Issue of Men's Health, Headlined By Joe Wicks

Inside, Wicks discusses everything from personal drive to burnout, balancing family and ambition, positivity and negativity and even the lure of drink and drugs

Guess who’s back? In the year since we last profiled The Body Coach, much has changed. Joe Wicks’ journey from boot-camp PT to Instagram sensation and bestselling cookbook author is a tale well worn. But recently the brief has widened. Average Joe has become Joe Wicks MBE. He’s become a serial fundraiser, having famously donated profits from PE With Joe to the NHS, then completing a 24-hour workout challenge raising over £2M for Children In Need. Most recently he’s been made Ambassador for lululemon.

Wicks is still the same no-nonsense, no-frills Joe, of course, but there’s a new resilience. Crucially, he’s keeping true to his commitment to transformation – not before-and-after shots of newly slim housewives but in terms of people’s livelihoods, mindsets and mental health. And he’s now also the host of a successful podcast series that quizzes famous personalities from Mo Farah to Jamie Oliver to Sir Tom Jones on their secrets to good health and happiness.

For this issue, we turned the tables and recruited luminaries from the worlds of mental health, nutrition and fitness to put their own questions to Joe. Always unflinchingly honest, his answers deal with everything from personal drive to burnout, balancing family and ambition, positivity and negativity, and even the lure of drink and drugs.

It’s a salutary story for many reasons, not least because for everyone who thought it might be nice to be like Joe Wicks – the big house, the nice family, the fame, the money – at the end of the day Joe Wicks is probably just like you. The July/August issue of Men’s Health is on newsstands today. Here's what else is in store...

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MH Hero: Joe Wicks

First Joe Wicks made the nation fitter. Now, he’s on a mission to make us mentally stronger, too – in other words, he wants to make people happier. MH sat down with the most successful coach in Britain to talk about finding purpose, building a legacy and inspiring the next generation.

The Legend of Murph

One of CrossFit’s most brutal workouts, “Murph” is beloved and feared in equal measure. But despite its fame, few people know the story of its origins – and of the man after whom it was named. This is the surprising history of a war hero and his unexpected legacy.

Shiny Happy People

Lustrous hair has long been emblematic of virility and youth, with balding seen as something to be masked – or, more recently, medicated. But a growing online movement is pushing back against the stigma and encouraging men to go bald, boldly. Thinking of making the cut? It can be good for the head in more ways than one.

Every Body Is Strong

It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are – tall, short, broad, wiry, lean or stocky. What matters is maximising your potential. Use this expert guide to adjust your training and find the untapped power, strength and possibility in every body.

Joe Wicks' Feel-Good HIITs

Reclaim the joy of fitness with these three 15-minute home workouts from Joe Wicks that will challenge you physically, strengthen you mentally and prime you to face the rest of your day chock-full of endorphins.

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