Here's How to Get Our Exclusive 'Eat for Abs' Meal Plan

We've made it shockingly easy to get the abs of your dreams.

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Hey there, Men's Health reader.

There's something you should know about sculpting the six-pack of your dreams: Eating right is a huge part of it. That's why Men's Health developed Eat for Abs, a comprehensive guide to losing unwanted belly fat and revealing the muscles underneath—and if you subscribe to our kickass membership program, Men's Health MVP, you'll get exclusive access to the entire PDF!

In Eat for Abs, you'll dig deep into the science of why you overeat; become an expert in reading nutrition labels, taking your measurements, and capturing dramatic before-and-after photos; and hone your cooking skills with pages of easy, healthy, and delicious recipes. Because we know you have a lot going on, we also created a 7-day fat loss menu to make eating for abs a breeze.

Are you ready to start your transformation?


(P.S.: If you become an MVP, you'll also get an exclusive members-only discount to our online shop to get much more from Men’s Health.)

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